Do things in innovative and perfect way.

ISS Corporation is a leading satellite communication systems solution company with nationwide satellite networks in Korea. ISS provides end-to-end satellite solutions to customers based on their needs.

 ISS is a leading communication system solution company that covers from technical communication to visual communication. Managing business with potential resource and solid administration for about 20years, ISS is now facing big changes along with the 4th industrial revolution with latest innovative technology and high quality of imagination.

Since ISS is incorporated in 1999, ISS mainly has the professionalism of the Aerospace technology based on the experience as Satellite engineering. ISS have conducted Korean national projects such as demo business for the prevention of disaster and for the National Emergency Association at the first time. ISS offers satellite communication service solutions covering everything from satellite network management service to remote station service with USS’s own earth station and leased satellite bandwidth. ISS is the first company to successfully provide turnkey-based, mobile, wireless, fixed and broadcast satellite equipment systems for voice, fax and data, video broadcasting services, and video tele-conferencing applications to Government organizations with 24-hour CCTV Surveillance Systems.

 ISS recently embarks on new path of B2C business related to design business through online retail service. The objectives of New ISS is to develop own technology and to connect latest innovation with good sense of visual communication skills.

Innovative Technology, Creative Sense and Good Communication

ISS can make your dreams come true.

Company Information

Name:  ISS Corporation (Integrated Systems Solution Corporation)

#701, IPLEX BLDG, 322 Weryegwangjang-r0, Sujung-gu, Sungnam-si, South Korea 13640

Phone :  031) 755-2648
Fax      :  031) 755-2647

Company Organization

ISS Corporation is based on Technology management strategy leading by Ph.d Rew.

Company History

1999.09 ISS Incorporated
2000.07 Registered as a Value-Added Network Provider
2000.08 Established of Satellite Earth Station
2000.10 Member of World Teleport Association
2000.11 VAR of SES Americom  (C-Band, Ku-Band, AMC-23, etc)
2001.01 Establishment of ISS R & D Institute
2001.01 Registered as a Venture Company
2001.02 Member of Korea Information & Communication Contractors Association
2001.02 Satellite Communication Service Provider
2001.12 Selected as a demonstration company of disaster satellite communication network by National Emergency Management Agency
2002.10 Registration of Satellite Earth Station
2002.11 Award of Excellence biz, Major of Kyunggido Province
2002.11 Certification of VIP Company, Kiupbank
2003.03 Value-Added Reseller of Viasat, Inc.
2003.12 Patent #10-2000-0029079 – Sataudio
2004.03 Member of D&B DUNS #68-802-4764
2004.08 Registered as a Software Developer Company
2004.09 Recognition as a Best-Partner, Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
2004.11 Registered Software Programs (FFW, Blueberry, FCP)
2005.04 Certification of Transparent Management, Korea Tchnology Credit Guarantee Fund
2005.05 Certification of ISO 9001:2000 / KSA 9001/2001(2009.4.1 cancel)
2005.12 Certification of INNO-BIZ Company
2006.10 Patent #10-2006-0029104 – Automatic Video Recording Control System
2006.08 Certificated “Satellite Communication Vehicle for Disaster Emergency Network”
2006.09 Project “the configuration of sensor network using satellite communication network”

– Construction and Transportation Technology R & D Project

2006.10 Patent #10-0635100 – System and method for automatic recording of fire scene using satellite communication
2007.04 Registered as an export enterprise business
2007.05 Project “Developed unmanned remote satellite communication module for disaster emergency communication”
2007.07 project “Establishment of dashboard system for intelligent human disaster situation management system”

-Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science

2007.12 Patent #10-0789474 “Unmanned remote control satellite communication system for disaster emergency communication”
2008.09 Patent #10-0860050 “Satellite Relay System for Disaster Disaster Emergency Communication”

Main Service

ISS does things In an Innovative and perfect way.

Integrated system

Design operation system, management, training service

Expert knowledge

Business consulting by expert knowhow and techniques

Professional networks

Wide range of professional contacts

Global business

Global market targeted business

Legal licences

Legal licenses, documentation and contract management

Reliable Results

Precise data analysis

Creative Sense

B2B &B2C brand consulting

Brand Licences

Licensing Business

Online Platform

Online retail platform