Business Consulting

Since 1999, we have built long time business relationship with companies and government institutions based on our expert technical knowledge, years of experience and know-how. By maintaining the domestic and overseas business contacts through long-term business achievements, and by possessing the information network and the workforce network that can meet the needs of the clients, ISS provides business consulting services for domestic and overseas business and government projects and. ISS will convene the top professionals in the industry to handle only the latest information.

ISS contributes to distribution of domestic new technology to overseas market and to distribution of overseas new technology products in domestic market. In order to provide nice and smooth communication and service between company and client, ISS provides facility management, system management and operational training service of product system according to each country’s field system. Customs clearance for import and export, and contract management between domestic and foreign companies according to the current legal policy. Business bidding information, international market bidding, estimation research, requirements will be provided with professional intuition based on longtime experience.

ISS intends to target overseas market based on expert knowledge and professional experience. ISS has been teamed up with other corporations for the joint project strengthening international marketing capability and operating large-scale project management.

ISS is very interested in network development for countries like Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Nepal, Intonesia, Philippines and other Middle East and East Asia regions.

Global business consulting, Administration and Management of business collaboration, Government supported demo business

ISS becomes a bridge to your goal in your business.

Business Plan

ISS proposes a professionally organized business plan based on the needs of clients. ISS recommends that you follow the business plan for accurate scheduling from product installation, facilities, management, and employee training.


We provide the required documents proved by Korean government for each project, We are in charge of overall business like contract management, licenses and NDA contracts for domestic and international business.

Professional Networks

ISS maintains a network of professionals from various industries and provides a network of professional entrepreneurs who can offer solutions and business advise to meet each other's needs.

Success in Business

Based on our expert knowledge, ISS plans the successful business while planning and implementing technology product installation, management, system development, operation training while taking charge of the step-by-step process of each project.